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If there is a plan or need to replace old windows for new ones, installation and finishing works need to be performed in addition to the windows. The work process includes the following:

a)          Removal of old windows and installation of new ones

b)          Making and installation of new external subsills

c)           Finishing of external window jambs (tin covering or rendering or wooden casing – the choice depends on the specific nature of the object)

d)          Making and installation of new internal window sills

e)          Finishing of internal window jambs (e.g covering with gypsum plate, filling and painting)

f)            Utilisation of old windows and construction waste

Based on the previous information it may be concluded that both experience and skills are needed for achieving a high-quality result. Still, there are two possibilities:

a)          To perform the work by yourself

b)          To order the works from the company having manufactured the windows

Our recommendation is to order the works from the company having manufactured the windows. There are many reasons for it. By ordering the given works from a company you may be sure that the works are performed by skilled specialists within the agreed time, with the use of appropriate and high-quality materials and the performed works are covered by a warranty. By doing the works by yourself the process may drag as many things need to be organised (ordering subsills and window sills with the correct measurements, purchasing necessary construction and finishing materials). Also, in terms of money, the execution of works by yourself may not be cheaper – the time spent by you plus the residual materials (it is likely that everything cannot be used up). Don’t overcomplicate your life and leave the given works to the professionals.

 Good luck with making your choice!


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